From Unreached to Jesus Follower

In what we know as the Great Commission, Jesus told his followers, “Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples…” One of our greatest privileges is following this command---to share the gospel with those who are yet far from Christ.


Since 1998, a coalition of ministries has been partnering to introduce people to the saving hope of Jesus. Through End-to-End, communities go from knowing little to nothing about Christ to becoming a disciple of his and active participant in the life of his church. They are first introduced to the life and lordship of Jesus by watching a gospel film. Next, they journey through the New Testament together in Scripture listening groups in their language to deepen understanding. They receive a print Bible for their family and get connected to other Christians in a new local church community so they can grow in their relationship with the Lord.


Through the support of faithful supporters like you, the End-to-End ministry in active in more than 60 countries today and has reached more than 20 million people with the good news of the gospel. We are poised for exponential grown with a vision to reach 300 million by 2035.


End-to-End is a proven process for fulfilling the Great Commission by allowing unreached people to watch, listen to, read, and experience the transformative power of the gospel. Together, we are bringing people into the Kingdom of God through the Word of God.

How Does End-to-End Work?


Watch a Gospel Film: Invite the local community for a two-hour screening of a gospel film, such as the Jesus Film or LUMO Project. Participants learn for the first time about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and are called to put their faith in him for the forgiveness of sins.


Listen to the New Testament: Participants who profess faith in Jesus or want to learn more join a Scripture listening group. Using an Audio Scripture resource or device, small groups of 10-20 people progressively listen through the New Testament together. Each meeting concludes with a discussion around three questions:

  • What was the story about?
  • How did God speak to you?
  • What are you going to do about it?

Read Your Own Bible: Those who finish listening to at least 60% of the New Testament are presented with their very own print Bible or New Testament in the language of their choice as a graduation gift. With your encouragement or that of another local ministry, they continue the lifelong journey of spending time with God in the pages of his Holy Word.


Join a Local Church: Finally, we help new Christ followers become members of a local church community where they are shepherded for life. In areas where no church exists, church-planting partners help plant and establish a new local church. Since 2009, the End-to-End partnership has transformed over 11 million lives with the gospel message around the world!


Help bring the wonderful news of Jesus to unreached people here in the United States and around the world. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the people participating in End-to-End have to be a member of our church or any church or ministry?

    Not at all. End-to-End is a gospel outreach program, so ideally it is for people who are not yet Christ-followers. Church members are certainly welcomed and may use this as an opportunity to bring a family member, neighbor, friend, or other person to watch a gospel film, join an audio-Bible listening group,and more.
  2. If a person misses step one (watch a gospel film), can they join in on step two?

    Yes, however, step one gives people who are not familiar with the gospel a brief but comprehensive overview of its content and includes an important moment when individuals have an opportunity to respond to the gospel message. This step is highly recommended and can be revisited even at a later time.
  3. How many people should be in an audio-Bible listening group?

    It is advised that groups be no smaller than ten people and as large as twenty, on average.
  4. Can step two (join an audio-Bible listening group) take place anywhere (e.g. community center or home), or does it have to be in a church?

    Audio-Bible listening groups can take place anywhere, including the church, a community meeting place or at someone’s home.
  5. How long should the audio-Bible listening groups last when meeting?

    Audio-Bible listening group duration will be dependent on how the group structures this. In our experience, groups meet for 90-minutes to two hours, in each case giving equal time for listening and discussing the three reflecting questions. For example, if meeting for 90-minutes, 45 minutes will be listening and 45 minutes will be for reflecting and discussion of the questions.
  6. How many weeks does step two (join an audio-Bible listening group) take?

    This will be dependent on the duration chosen for each meeting and the frequency of meeting (i.e., once/week or twice/week). On average groups have completed listening to/discussing the New Testament when meeting once weekly, somewhere between 18-24 weeks, when gathering for two hours per meeting.
  7. If we choose to use Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio-Bible Proclaimers© listening device, how would we get them?

    Simply go to the End-to-End website,, and make your request using the “Contact us” form, and your device will be sent to you at the shipping address you provide.
  8. FOR US MINISTRIES ONLY: How would we access the gift Bibles?

    American Bible Society is pleased to freely provide the King James or New King James Bible to churches as a grant to parishes and ministries implementing End-to-End in the United States, as gifts to each individual participating in your ministry who completes at least 60% of the New Testament Audio-Bible. To do so, feel free to contact Erle Deira using the Contact Us form on this site.